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My Wedding / Holiday in France and Brexit

Should you be worried how it affects you?

For you there are only two issues – let’s look at them separately:

Firstly, if we leave the European Union we will no longer have free movement of people through other EU countries. However, this won’t affect you. You’re a holiday maker, you show your passport at border control the same as you do now, there’s no reason why those passport inspections should take any longer. It will be like visiting any other country outside the European Union.

All countries welcome foreign tourists – they are a great revenue stream and France is the most popular tourist destination in the world!

The second issue is the value of the Pound against the Euro. The value of currencies is all about confidence. Confidence is poor at the moment because there are so many unknowns. If the UK leaves with an acceptable deal, the Pound should rise. If we leave without a deal the Pound will surely fall. So a weak Pound buys less Euros which will make your wedding or group holiday in France more expensive.

But if you have booked your destination wedding or group holiday in France with Domaine de Grolhier, there’s nothing to worry about. For our British customers our prices are in Pounds Sterling. Let us worry about currency fluctuations, you the customer need to know what your wedding or holiday in France is going to cost.

The best wedding I’ve ever been to!!

Couple on terrace

You want to hold your destination wedding in France, but what are your objectives?

Well, of course to create a special day, something the two of you will remember for the rest of your lives – that probably goes without saying.
But what about your guests? Without them it’s not going to happen. You’re asking them to commit few days or a long weekend to you. And they will because they are your friends and family.
It’s not just a matter of buying a gift, having your suit cleaned and getting to the church/venue on time. We’re asking them to buy a plane ticket and take time off work, it’s a leap of faith.
This faith needs reward, at Domaine de Grolhier we pride ourselves in taking care of people. A relaxed and comfortable environment, good food and drink, fun and entertainment for all age groups – a 3 day party atmosphere. So when you guests tell you “That’s the best wedding I’ve ever been to” , well everyone says that, but if they keep repeating it, well maybe it’s true!