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Choosing your dream wedding venue in France

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So you are thinking about a destination wedding abroad?
Where do you look?
Well, the internet seems a good place to start.
Firstly, where do you want to go?
Far enough south for a reasonable chance of good weather, but not too far that makes it expensive and time consuming to get there? South of France, for example?
Good food, good wine, good weather, good transport connections. About 1 hour flying time from Britain – what’s not to like!

OK, what do we need? A wedding planner and a venue. But which comes first? If you choose a wedding planner first, they will probably have a number of different venues to offer you. But at what point will you know what it is going to cost?
What if you look at venues first. They might have a wedding planner that they regularly use.

Or why not choose a wedding venue where the owners are also the wedding planners? Because everything is under one roof, it’s more efficient. Efficiency = savings. They know what can be done and how to do it, because they are doing it on a regular basis. They have local suppliers that know the venue. All this reduces the chance of slip ups – you don’t want those on your big day!

So any ideas as to what you would like? What about looking at venues that offer all-inclusive wedding packages. It’s easier than starting with a blank canvas and it should be tweakable so if you want to change or add something, you can.

Make sure the wedding package is truly all inclusive, i.e. all meals and all accommodation for all of your guests is included and everything you are likely to need for your wedding weekend in France.
Welcome to Domaine de Grolhier !